"The Play 52 cards are a genius idea - perfect for parents, teachers, play workers, and anyone else looking for activities to amuse and engage children. An absolute treasure trove of ideas that fits in your pocket" - Alom Shaha, author of 'Mr Shaha's Marvellous Machines'

52 play new ideas in each pack

Shuffle the cards and find fun in any situation - perfect on rainy days and Monday mornings, long and winding road trips, lazy Sunday afternoons, waiting in line, birthday parties or as xmas stocking stuffers.

The possibilities are endless

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Pay it forward with every pack

Play 52 Feedback

"One game brought me an hour and half of quiet. All I could hear was the kids laughing."

Lisa, London mum of 3

"The cards are brilliant fun with so many ideas for games and got them off their screens and playing like I used to as a child.”

 Aliya, London mum of 2 

"We were told about these cards by English friends. Our packs live in the car and come out on most journeys. A great British invention."

Ben, Boston father of 3